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Progress Report - First half of Outreachy Internship

February 3, 2020 • ☕️ 2 min read


In this blog post, i want to share my experience and progress in the first half of my Outreachy internship with Mozilla. We are half way done ! But eh, I don’t want to end it, I am enjoying every part of this internship. In this, I am prototyping the next version of our in-browser reporting component in the form of web-extension.

With the help of my mentor, Dennis, we divided the task into small steps : easy to manage, develop and gain clear understanding of the concepts involved with the coding side. On the start of this internship, I thought I’ll complete the basic prototyping till January but a lot has to be done and it will go long way. When we develop a new tool, write code for different functionalities, test them, handle the various scenarios involved, the formatting, it feels the tool will never be ready. It is bittersweet but when i look behind, it feels the sense of achievement.

I had weekly zoom meeting with my mentor and the Webcompat team, where we focused and discussed to change the next steps a bit, re-prioritize the tasks, and make more progress on one task while cutting down on some things. During Christmas holidays, I spent most of time on researching and trying to implement advanced features that I could add to my extension tool. But that should be not be the initial task. It is important to learn how to re-prioritize the tasks otherwise you will be busy whole day but get nothing done.

Probably not as I planned or imagined, but it will work 😉

Currently, I am working on refactoring of code/writing more clean code : restructuring existing code, changing the factoring without changing it’s external behavior. It serves lot many advantages that include improved code readability, reduced complexity and source-code maintainability. Refactoring is a lot like solving a Rubik’s cube. There are lots of little steps required to achieve a large goal. Each step enables the next.

I code @soniasingla and tweet at @soniasinglas

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Hi 👋🏻, My name is Sonia, studying Information Technology from Panjab University, India. I am an Open Source enthusiast and passionate about about browsers, web-compatibility, developer tooling and developer communities. Recently, I finished my internship with Embark Studios on a new platform for gamemaking. I was the CNCF 2020 Intern at Thanos, and spent the winter of 2019 working with web-compatibility team of Mozilla as an Outreachy Intern. I also love to travel, teach, and speak about open source 👩🏻‍💻