Sonia Singla

Week 01 - Progress Report with Community Bridge

June 3, 2020 • ☕️ 3 min read


After 30 years and 1 week of lock down, I am feeling productive (Just kidding, i am just 20 😂). Ready to roll with me again? 😉

I completed the first week of my internship at Cloud Native Computing Foundation with Thanos under the mentorship of Bartek Plotka and Povilas Versockas. At the beginning of the week, I had video call meeting with my mentors, Bartek and Povilas, we talked about the contribution workflow, Introduction to communication channels and had Initial discussions about the project and how to start further. They also explained me about the LTS (Long Term Storage) course, how it works and provided me some good issues to start with to have good understanding of the code base.



During the past first week, I worked on automating the TOC (Table of Content) on pages having more than 400 words. Hugo can automatically parse Markdown content and create a Table of Contents which we can use in our templates. The following is a partial template(smaller, context-aware components) that adds slightly more logic for page-level control over TOC (Table of Contents).

{{ if and (gt .WordCount 400 ) (.Params.toc) }}
{{ end }}

For more details, you can visit the site here. The pull request is under progress, you can check it out here 😻😈

Revised the first existing Katacoda tutorial Global View and seamless HA for Prometheus that transformed vanilla Prometheus to basic Thanos deployment enabling:

  1. Reliable querying multiple Prometheus instances from single Prometheus API endpoint.
  2. Seamless handling of Highly Available Prometheus (multiple replicas).

I managed to provide some short nits that could be more useful, the pull request could be found here 🚀.

Apart from that, I am working on the proposal for the second Katacoda tutorial “Downsampling and unlimited metric retention for Prometheus” which we can expect to be in GitHub issue of Thanos before the completion of second week.

I managed to send 2 pull requests by the end of my first week, and it’s the wonderful feeling 😇❤️



  1. Complete the proposal for “Downsampling and unlimited metric retention for Prometheus”.
  2. Go through all the documentation of Thanos, play with all the components and fix all the broken links.
  3. Make changes requested for the Pull Requests which are under review.
  4. Prepare a short 5 min talk on “Downsampling and unlimited metric retention for Prometheus” to be delivered in Mentees Hangout Meet on Friday 🤗

It is a good experience till now, and I look forward to more contributing, learning and growing ! 😇

Signing off for today, until next week 👻


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Hi 👋🏻, My name is Sonia, studying Information Technology from Panjab University, India. I am an Open Source enthusiast and passionate about about browsers, web-compatibility, developer tooling and developer communities. Recently, I finished my internship with Embark Studios on a new platform for gamemaking. I was the CNCF 2020 Intern at Thanos, and spent the winter of 2019 working with web-compatibility team of Mozilla as an Outreachy Intern. I also love to travel, teach, and speak about open source 👩🏻‍💻